Biden HHS ad campaign mirrors Dem super PAC ads

Biden HHS ad campaign mirrors Dem super PAC ads

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under President Biden has launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign mirroring Democratic super PAC ads promoting his COVID-19 relief bill.

The Biden administration is reportedly dropping a whopping $50 million on an ad campaign promoting, the ObamaCare website, to people without insurance, Spanish-speaking individuals and others.

Coverage options under saw expansion under Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law by the president last month and included another round of stimulus checks.

As the ad time is bought by HHS, the ads — which will run across multiple different mediums, including digital platforms, television and radio — are being paid for by taxpayer dollars. The first ad was released on Thursday and touted that “millions more people can afford health coverage due to the COVID relief law.”


HHS’s ad mirrors ads put out by liberal outside groups and the Democratic National Committee in March that also promote Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill in an effort to win over voters in 2022.

Unite the Country, a pro-Biden super PAC, launched an ad after the measure was signed into law mid-March saying that Biden “kept his word” with the American Rescue Plan. The DNC as well as super PACs Priorities USA and American Bridge 21st Century also put out similar ads pushing Biden’s COVID-19 relief, as well.

While it is normal for ad blitzes promoting legislation to happen, the ads coincided with a polling memo put out by Priorities USA after the release of the initial ads saying that voters needed to witness Democrats “deliver on policies that provide real benefits to their lives.”

“Providing economic relief to working families that are struggling due to the coronavirus” was a top issue listed for new Biden voters listed by the memo. The memo also says new Biden voters are looking for alongside tackling racism and “racial disparities.”

The ads come as the Biden administration continues to tout its COVID-19 response.


Biden signed the controversial $1.9 trillion economic relief bill into law in March, marking the first legislative win of his administration.

HHS did not immediately respond to Fox News’ question asking how much money the first ad released on Thursday cost.

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