Rep. Tony Gonzales: Border crisis ‘spreading’ with ‘no end in sight’

Rep. Tony Gonzales: Border crisis 'spreading' with 'no end in sight'

Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales told “Fox News Live” Saturday there is “no end in sight” to the immigration crisis he says is “spreading” from the southern border as migrants are flown out of Texas. 

GONZALES: This humanitarian crisis is getting worse by the minute. I’ve been sounding the alarm, I will continue to push the administration to act. This is what is happening on the ground: Leader McCarthy and I visited El Paso on Monday, Secretary Mayorkas just visited yesterday. That facility now has 983 unaccompanied minors. They used to receive two flights per day from the Rio Grande Valley. Now they receive one flight – 135 migrants. That other flight, it goes to San Diego. What is happening is this crisis is spreading.

I got notified about an hour ago from HHS that they are opening up a new unaccompanied minor facility in Peñitas, which is in my district out in west Texas. This facility is going to house between 500 to 2,000 unaccompanied minors. It appears they are targeting unused man camps. These are oil facilities where oil workers, temporary oil workers, are housed when they’re operating in the oil and gas industry. It is no end in sight.


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