Former Sen. Perdue slams Biden spending bill as a ‘climate change bill at its roots’

Former Sen. Perdue slams Biden spending bill as a 'climate change bill at its roots'

Former Georgia Senator David Perdue slammed President Biden‘s $2 trillion infrastructure spending bill Thursday, saying it was “a climate change bill at its roots.” 

DAVID PERDUE: I remember 2011 when President Obama threw $1 trillion at so-called infrastructure investment, I can’t find any return from any of that investment. As you heard early on a comment from John Kennedy, only about 15% of this infrastructure bill goes to infrastructure. This is a social engineering bill, and it’s a climate change bill at its roots. The day of reckoning is coming, Brett. We can’t keep raising this deficit the way we have. The reality is, one day soon, we’re going to find there won’t be any lenders out there for this federal debt. So I am still on that bandwagon about we’ve got to become more responsible.

Perdue also criticized Democrats for their rhetoric a Georgia voting law, saying their outcry was insulting and “all about power.”

PERDUE: As a son of a man who integrated one of the first school systems in the state of Georgia, and as someone who has fought for equality in the state for the last 60 years, personally, and as someone who fought for criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, and HBCU funding, I am insulted by the false narrative Democrats are trying to perpetrate here.

This bill makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat. It builds integrity in the system for people who are concerned about that in November of last year, and it makes it easier for people to vote in every one of our 159 counties. So this rhetoric that you hear from the Democrats is all about power, and it’s all about raising money for political operations.


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