Rand Paul: Fauci, others preaching about masks isn’t about science, it’s about ‘submission’

Rand Paul: Fauci, others preaching about masks isn't about science, it's about 'submission'

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul sounded off Monday on “Fox News Primetime”, saying that medical professionals like top Biden adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci want Americans to wear masks without questioning the State.

Cloth masks don’t work. The N95 masks work. You won’t see a doctor in a hospital going into a covid patient’s room with a cloth mask because they don’t want to get the disease.

Yet, half of the country is running around with Fauci wearing a bunch of cloth masks all over his face saying they work when in reality he knows they don’t work — it’s about civility, submission, it’s about having you do what you are told without thinking or questioning the state.

You know, as much as the left wants to completely different narrative, history is going to record that there was a miracle that occurred in getting this vaccine.


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